NATULIQUE is a private limited company situated by the port of Aarhus, Denmark
NATULIQUE consist of a team that is passionate about health and ecology and a constant development for professional organic products within the personal care sector.
NATULIQUE today has a network of distributors in Europe, Middle East, Asia, Pacific, and North America.
If you are interested being a distributor of the NATULIQUE brand and products in your country, please contact NATULIQUE..
The Natulique Story
The roots of NATULIQUE lay within private health as well as ecological reasons.
Having been confronted by challenges related to harsh allergies, asthma and other health issues within their family and circle of friends the founders of NATULIQUE became aware of the link that existed between many health issues and the toxins, harmful chemicals and pesticides that were to be found in their cosmetic products.
Realising that the market for trustworthy natural and organic hair and skin products was extremely limited they decided to make it their mission to bring safer, cleaner cosmetics to a market desperately in need of change.
From there the NATULIQUE brand was created and today provides a trialed and trusted product range to professionals throughout the world.
Our Mission
Our focus is to offer professional salons and their guests a choice when it comes to the health of their hair, scalp and skin. NATULIQUE provides luxurious services through our extensive collection of natural products.
Our mission is to share with our clients new ways to incorporate healthier choices into their everyday lives. We constantly strive to develop safe and high quality products, while at the same time educate the professional salon and spa community to the advantages of organic products.
How are Natulique products different?
NATULIQUE products are created from a simple premise: No dangerous ingredients! Our formulations are the safest available in the professional beauty industry today.
We believe in ingredient integrity and mission consistency, beginning with organic ingredients, whenever possible, to keeping dangerous chemical preservative systems and lathering agents out of the product in the end. At NATULIQUE we maintain the highest standards of quality throughout formulation and production.
Most of the ingredients in each and every product of the NATULIQUE Certified Organic product range are USDA and ECOCERT certified organic. We are also proud to announce that NATULIQUE Certified Organic products are on the approval list presented by the Danish Environmental Control Body for Professional Hairdressers.
ORGANICLE is the Official and Exclusive Brand Owner and Manufacturer of the total range of premium hair care and hair colours products of NATULIQUE Certified Organic and NATULIQUE Organic Colours, which are professional cream based, permanent hair colors.
NATULIQUE Certified Organic is the first true full-line brand in the market that offers hair and skin products that are vegan, organic, cruelty free, DEA free, sulphate free, perfume free, parabene free (a toxin/toxic pesticide); widely used ingredients that increases the risk of allergies, cancer and hormone disturbances which could lead to infertility in men and women.
The NATULIQUE product range is continuously being expanded for the benefit of men, women, children and advanced stylists.
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       About NATULIQUE   NATULIQUE is a private limited company situated by the port of Aarhus, Denmark . NATULIQUE co

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